JESSICA SMITH WALK ON: WALK THE WEIGHT OFF 30 DAY PLAN: Dissolve Away Fat While Walking with this 30 Day Plan – My Review

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Best Weight Loss Programs Jessica SmithIf you are looking for methods on how to lose weight that you can combine with walking…

then the  Jessica Smith Walk On: Walk the Weight Off 30 Day Plan (Low Impact High Results Program) is the ideal program for you.

So what makes this weight loss DVD unique from others?

Firstly, it is very easy for you to keep motivated and persistent on this workout program. The recommended 30 day rotation is featured right on the back of the box making easy for you to find.

These amazing walking workout DVDs are based mainly on a balanced combination of steady state and interval cardio sessions together. This is combined with revolutionary strength training to help develop your muscles by challenging them in innovative ways – all while walking!

It features a great host…

Jessica Smith, who is certified well coach, fitness instructor and personal trainer.

As a person who had difficulties trying to lose weight for years, Jessica discovered that the answer to her own 40-pound weight loss was by small, healthy lifestyle transformations that resulted in tremendous, lasting results.

For the last 15 years she has helped students and clients achieve their goals in cities including New York and Miami.

In addition, she now spreads her teachings and ideas to millions online through her Youtube Channel and through home exercise DVDs like this one. 

This excellent weight loss program features:

  • 3 brand new DVDs never released before
  • The “3 Weight Loss Walks” which includes a 15 Minute Calorie Burst, 30 Minute Fat Blaster, 40 Minute Mega Burn and a BONUS 15 Minute Standing Abs (100 Minutes)
  • The “Major Metabolism Booster” featuring a 30 Minute Pyramid Power Walk, 30 Minute Strength Interval Walk, and a BONUS 20 Minute Chair Stretch Routine (80 Minutes)
  • The “5 Day Fat Burn” contains a 30 Minute HIIT Walk “Party”, 30 Minute Toning Walk, BONUS: 15 Minute Healthy Back Workout (75 Minutes)
  • Up to 4hr 15mins of actual workout time. 

==> This weight loss program also comes with INCREDIBLE BONUS ROUTINES…

such as the healthy back workout to aid you in maintaining a healthy support system in your spine, a standing abs routine to improve your strength and balance, and a supportive core plus a chair stretch session made especially for regular walkers like you.

Equipment Required:

  • One set of dumbbells (optional) for strength training
  • One flat resistance band


  • Features an amazing host, Jessica Smith who is a certified well coach, fitness instructor and personal trainer, and has her own Youtube Channel.
  • Cheap
  • Moves are simple and effective


  • Workout equipment is required for program

Here’s What Others are Saying about the Jessica Smith Walk On DVD:

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Final Verdict:Is the Walk the Weight OFF 30 Day Plan by Jessica Smith Worth It?

Answer: Yesjessica smith walking

Bottom Line:

The Walk the Weight Off workouts are simple and easy to learn,

It has an fantastic host Jessica Smith who will help you make the most of your workouts,

and you shred fat all while walking at a cheap price.

==> Get the WALK THE WEIGHT OFF 30 DAY PLAN by Jessica Smith Here 


Where can I get the Walk The Weight Off 30 Day Plan?

You can get DVDs from Amazon by clicking on this link

Is Any Equipment Required?

One Set of Dumbbells and resistance bands are required to be able to do some of the workouts such as strength training.

==> Get the WALK THE WEIGHT OFF 30 DAY PLAN by Jessica Smith Here