4 Proven quick workouts for busy people to build muscle, lose weight and attain the perfect body shape

Crafting and mastering the perfect body involves moving your body, doing workouts and eating the right food. Yet, many of us fail at doing this. This may be due to our busy lifestyle, our lack of time, or our inability to keep to our WORKOUT ROUTINES. Below are great workout tips to help transform your body, even if you’re a busy person, and manifest the attractive, sexy body that you have dreamed of.

quick workout tips

1. The 7 Minute Workout 

The 7 minute workout is perfect for busy people as you will be able to keep fit and burn calories in just minutes each day instead of hours. It involves doing a seris of 12 intense exercises us, including push ups, sit ups and squats, each about 30 seconds long with 10 second interval rests, totalling up to 7 minutes. This can be done daily.

 No Workout Equipment is needed, just a chair and a wall. To maximise the benefits of doing this workout you can repeat the process two or three times to about 20 minutes.The 7 Minute Workout App is available to download for free by clicking the link:

The 7 Minute Workout

2. The Tabata Workout – workout tips to help burn calories in under 5 minutes

This another workout that designed for busy people. This includes 4 minutes of high-intensity training, changing between 20 seconds of max training, and then a 10 second rest, adding up to eight rounds altogether.

3. The 10 Minute Desk Workout - Fancy taking a nice stretch while at work? How about turning it into a 10 minute workout?

 The first 3 minutes of this workout involves stretches, each are 45 seconds.

  • Sidebends
  • Chest Opener
  • Quad Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch

Next is 5 minutes of Strength Training, 43 Seconds each – 15 seconds for pulses

  • Reverse Lunch Pulse
  • Incline Push Up Pulse
  • Squat Pulse
  • Tri-cep Pulse

The last 2 minutes involves 5 stretches, 24 seconds each.

  • Tricep Stretch
  • Figure 4 Stretch
  • Seated Cat/COW
  • Shoulder Roll
  • Neck Stretch


These can be done anywhere, anytime. No  matter whether you are at work, at home or outside these workout tips are ideal to help you break a sweat. PLUS, they only take a few minutes and NO WORKOUT EQUIPMENT is needed.

Calf Raises – This fitness exercise is effective for developing your gastrocnemius muscles and your soleus muscles in your lower legs. There are various ways to do calf raises.  However, one of best and most easiest ways is the standing raise. The video below gives you instructions on how to do a standing calf raise:

Lunges – If you are aiming to strengthen lower body and increase your overall flexibility lunges are the perfect fitness exercise for that, as you are using your own body weight. There can be done anywhere, anytime. You could be lunging as you walk to your car; you could be lunging as you walk to make a cup of coffee during your tea break. Below is video which shows how to perform lunges:

Squats – these are the one of most useful and powerful full body fitness exercises as they work simultaneously  to develop muscle and get rid of  fat. It is essential that you have proper form when you perform squats. Try using a chair as guide to estimate how far down you should go:

IMPORTANT: There are 5 common mistakes you need to avoid when doing squats. They are listed below:

  1. Not going low enough
  2. Knees Tracking Inline
  3. Lifting Your Heels
  4. Rounding Your Back
  5. Bar on Neck

Chair Dips – this fitness exercise is perfect for developing strength in your triceps and can be done pretty much anywhere.  Just like other forms of workout,  there are different techniques which either increase or decrease resistance. The video below shows how a chair dip is done:

Planks – Wondering how you can developing and tighten your ab muscles? This exercise is great for making your both your abs and and your back stronger. All that is required is a flat surface. Ensure that you time how long you able to hold it, and then add a few extra seconds next time you do it. Below shows you the basic steps to doing planks:

Arm Circles – Concered about flabbyy arms? No worries? Arm circles are amazing and effective as they will help you tone while you strengthen your arm muscles, and you can also vary the intensity of it.

Burpees – This is a high-intensity exercise is commonly referred to the conrnerstone of workout because this workout is guranteed to generate results. This exercise utilizes almost every muscle group in your body which helps strengthen your entire body. There are various way to perform a burpee. One of the easiest way to do it is, is quite possibly the most effective.  Like all exercises having proper form is necessary.

We hope you utilize some of these tremendous workout tips into your daily life and help strengthen your muscles and manifest the ideal, fit and sexy body that you have always dreamed of.