How to Lose Weight Effectively? 7 Reasons you are not losing weight and tips to improve effectiveness

You want to lose weight, you have tried to go on diet and exercise. However, you notice that you gained pounds instead of losing them.

Why is that?

Here we’ll explore the 7 reasons why you are not losing weight and tips to help combat these so that you losing weight effectively are become healthier and fitter than ever before.

Reasons you are not losing weight

1. Myths taught by society?weight loss

Myth #1: Calorie In, Calorie Out

While exploring Africa as a student, Eric Edmeades the founder of Wildfit, noticed something fascinating about the tribes he spend time with. Firstly, they never went on a diet, they had strong, developed muscles, lots of energy, and amazing levels of fitness. Eric had figured out that our fundamental ideas about weight loss did not make sense and it counting calories was meaningless in losing weight.

Myth #2: Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA):

Another myth is that there is no recommended daily intake. Our bodies are adapted to annually, and change our diet based on the season.

Myth #3: You need a personalized diet

No. Evolution has not changed us enough, that each of us must have a different diet. So regardless of background, genetics and culture, the largest chunk of your diet is not different from your neighbor.

This doesn’t mean some people don’t have special requirements. However, for 80% this needs to be the same.

Myth #4: Food Industry Wants To Make You Healthy

Millions of us are being conned by the food industry.

The food industry put enormous amounts of sugar into our diet to make us addicted to their food so that we buy and more and more.

In addition, advertisers portray junk food as something that makes us feel good, when it is actually unhealthy for us.

Myth #5: You Must Exercise To Be Healthy

Exercise is very good for your health however, it does not have a huge impact on your body. Your body shape is affected 95% by food you eat and not exercise.

So if you are aiming to maintain an optimum body weight, increase your body’s energy levels and slow down aging and prevent illnesses…

…you will need to change your eating habits.

Humans have evolved a subconscious urge to overeattips to lose weight

For millions of years humans have evolved in an environment filled with scarcity. It was very difficult to find food.

According to researchers from the University of Exeter, “There is not yet an evolutionary mechanism to help us overcome the lure of sweet, fatty, and unhealthy food and avoid becoming overweight for understandable and sensible reasons.”

Humans still have that mechanism to eat whatever it can find, we have not learnt to adapt to a world filled with an abundance of food.

 Mistaking dehydration for hunger

Despite having a delicious, filling meal, you still feel hungry. Why? It turns out not having enough water can lead to feelings of hunger. This can lead you to start eating more food than your body actually needs.

According to Alissa Rumsey , RD, spokesperson for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics “Mild dehydration is often masked as feelings of hunger, when really your body just needs fluids,”.



Sleep Deprivation

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At the moment you wake up from a restless sleep, your body produces two hormones linked to appetite.

These trigger cravings for sugar and carbs, even if you are not hungry.




Lack of Self Discipline, giving upways to lose weight

You spend time working out and eat healthier foods, and then you feel like you are losing weight. Then you stop exercising and wonder how you’ve gained weight.

It is very important that you keep to your healthy eating habits and workout routines. Once you lose weight and gained that incredible body shape you need to maintain it.

No time to do workouts or exercise

A lot of people find they do not have time to work out or exercise, due to their busy lifestyle.



Not staying focused on losing weight

If you really want to lose weight it is important that you stay focused on the goal on hand otherwise you will not keep to your healthy eating habits.



Tips on how to lose weight effectively

Focusing on the desire – how your life will improve if you lose weight. how to lsoe weight effectively

One way to help keep to your workout routines and eating habits is to focus on the desire and what you will get by losing weight.

Perhaps, you will save money on health expenses, be much fitter, or more attractive.



Writing down your goalshow to lose weight effectively

Another strategy to stay persistent and focused on losing weight is by writing down your goals.

According to studies people who write their goals are 50% more likely to achieve than people without goals, yet only 3 out of 100 adults write down their goals on paper.

Writing down your goals also reinforces your goal of losing weight into your mind, making you more likely to take action.

Set points correction

Set points are a bare minimum threshold that you establish for yourself that you will not go below. If you do go below your set point, you then need to undergo a set point correction procedure.

For example, if your set point was not to go above 80kg, and you exceeded it your set point correction procedure may be to run 2 miles a day or go on a low carb diet.

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley uses this method. If he is no longer able to do 50 push ups, he undergoes his set point correction procedure.

Planning a menu to help you lose weight

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Another way to lose weight effectively is to have to plan a weekly menu.

This helps you know exactly what to cook each day, and could also help you save money as you will only purchase what you need




Short intense workouts

If you are a busy person and don’t have time to work out for an hour then workouts involving short, intense, fat-burning exercises are perfect to help you keep fit.

If you want to learn more about this check out these 4 simple workout tips for busy people



Solutions for sleep deprivation

If you want to improve your sleep to help you lose weight you’ll love this article on how to sleep better.





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